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Caution, Hazardous Wife: Review


The description for this 10 episode Japanese drama was definitely misleading! This drama follows the life of former spy, turned housewife, Nami Isayama (Haruka Ayase). Nami grew up in a Christian orphanage, and was later kicked out as a teen, because of her continuous fighting. A few years later she got a job working for a wedding coordinating company, saved the life of a guy during his wedding, and was subsequently recruited as a as a spy for a “certain country”.

After living the life of a spy for years, she decides that she wants a new start, and a simpler life. She purposely botches a mission, fakes her death, and returns to Japan under a new name. After taking up a job as a receptionist, she goes on to a blind date party, and ends up meeting the man that she marries. Now she lives the life of a housewife, with less than stellar housewife skills. She meets two other neighbors who are also housewives, and together they become the best of friends. They often take various classes together, (cooking, flower arrangements, Japanese traditional classes), and meet up for lunch.

After sometime, problems arise in the neighborhood with people Nami has met. She takes it upon herself to solve these problems, while concealing her true identity. Helping these people shows Nami that she is really quite bored with being a housewife, and misses the thrill that being a spy had given her.

What I loved about this drama was that each episode covered a different problem, and the issues presented were very real to reality, (murder, rape, bribery, human trafficking). I was quite surprised that this drama covered such a wide range of issues, and it was fun to watch a no nonsense woman help the people around her, often by using her martial arts skills. There was also a twist to this drama, which leads up to the movie that was released in March, (I haven’t found a site that has the movie yet). Despite the thumbnail, and description for Caution, Hazardous Wife, it was definitely worth the watch for me, and much more entertaining than I originally thought. I watched this on, but you can also watch it on

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