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Flower of Evil


I’d started watching this drama when it first came out last summer, but in the midst of moving, I’d forgotten about it until recently. Flower of evil is a fast paced mystery/suspense Korean drama, that gives you everything you need in a well rounded show. The main character Baek Hee Son,( played by Lee Joong Gi) is the owner of a metal crafts shop, and is married to Cha Ji Won, (played by Moon Chae Won).

Baek Hee Son has secrets regarding his past life, and family, that even his detective wife knows nothing about. When a reporter shows up to question him on a string of serial murders from 15 years ago, his life begins to take a most drastic, and unexpected turn.

First, I want to mention what I loved about this drama before drawing any criticism. The acting in this drama was superb, all of the actors/actresses were very convincing! Lee Joong Gi, and Moon Chae Won are really famous in Korea, and any drama they do is just about guaranteed to be a hit. Lee Joong Gi is able to switch from being a sweet and doting father/husband, to a cold and calculated person in a split second. There were a lot of twists and turns throughout, which kept it interesting.

The only negative thing I have to say about this drama, was that it fizzled out at the end. The last episode, was unnecessary, and the two episodes dragged on a bit for me. There was also the cliché memory loss, which made me question what the writers were doing. The rest of the drama was written so well, but it fell into a stereotypical K-drama at the end. Not quite sure why the writers decided on taking that path, but despite this, it was a great drama worth watching.

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