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Handsome Siblings: First Impression


Recently I’ve been watching a Chinese drama on Netflix entitled “Handsome Siblings”, (although I think Handsome Twins” would be a more appropriate title. This is a drama that aired last year, and is a remake of an old drama that was quite popular. There are 44 episodes, and I am currently on episode 28. This is a coming of age drama, and is a fast introduction into the world of wuxia, as there many cool looking fight scenes. In a nutshell, the plot is centered around fraternal twins, whose parents are murdered, and they are separated at birth.

Xiaoyu, played by Chen Zheyuan, is raised by villains in a place charmingly called “Wicked Canyon”. Few dare to venture there for obvious reasons. The villains teach him how to use martial arts, and tricks to outdo people, preparing him to be the “greatest villain in the world”. He’s quite clever, and quickly advances past his mentors at a young age. Despite his upbringing, Xiaoyu has always had a kind heart.

His brother Hua Wuque, played by Yu Yitian, is raised in a completely different atmosphere. He is brought up in Yi Hua palace, known as one of the best places in the martial arts world. He is trained in martial arts, and few can defeat him. The two sisters, (his “aunts”) who raised him are the only ones who know that he is a twin, the boys themselves think they are orphans with no blood relatives. The two sisters have plotted since Hua Wuque was a baby, to pit him against his brother, in order to have them fight and kill each other, thus getting revenge on their parents.

This drama was a bit weird for me, especially in the beginning. There are many interesting characters, and I honestly wasn’t sure if I was going to continue, but decided to anyway out of curiosity. Now that I am a bit over halfway through, the storylines have been laid out, and things make more sense. Overall, it’s easy watching for the most part, and I’ve been enjoying watching the drama unfold.

Xiaoyu is my favorite character in this drama, he’s witty, clever, and lives his life in the fast lane. Hua Wuque is more serious, with very little facial movement. It has been ingrained in him to take the reputation of Yi Hua palace, and his aunts mission to find and kill Xiaoyu very seriously. It’s quite fast paced drama so far, as the brothers overcome obstacle after obstacle. I’ll make sure to come back once I’ve finished the drama to give you my final thoughts on it.

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