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The Gifted (Seasons 1-2)


The Gifted is a two season series that was released in 2018, and 2020. This was my first time watching a Thai drama, and it was a breathe of fresh air! The plot is centered around a group of teens, (and more specifically one in particular) who are at a boarding school, and part of the gifted class. This class is the most prestigious class in Thailand, and students receives benefits that the rest do not. 24hr access to facilities, no curfew, earlier lunch times, which means they get the best food, not being subjected to discipline as other students, are just a few of the benefits afforded to them This creates an obvious rift between “the gifted”, and the rest of the school. Things get a little more interesting once students begin to realize what it means to be in the gifted class.

One by one the gifted students begin to realize what their gifts are, and how to use them. Most of the episodes in season 1 are devoted to highlighting a different student’s story, so I really enjoyed that aspect of it. It made the characters become more alive, and tied in with the overall plot. Pang is the leader/president of this class, and he rallies his classmates to oppose the director of the school, (who is also the founder of the gifted class) in order to take away their privileges so that all students are treated equally. This obviously does not go over well with the director, and the end of season one ends on a cliffhanger.

The Gifted: Graduation, (season 2) introduces new gifted students, and gives viewers the back story into the director, and how the gifted class came to be. Here we learn about the true intentions of this program as students work to throw a wrench in the system. Season 2 fills in many blanks, as characters deal with more than what goes on in a Marvel movie, (loosely quoted from a later episode in this movie). This season ends on more of a definite note than season 1, but leaves open ended questions. I think another season to follow up would also be interesting.

Both seasons have 13 episodes, and are about 50 minutes each. I know that Korean dramas are all the craze these days, but there are a lot of other great dramas out there! I personally think The Gifted has been highly underrated! It’s definitely a 10 for teen dramas, and overall well done. If you’re interested in watching The Gifted, YouTube was the best place to watch with better quality that I was able to find. Happy Viewing!

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