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Vincenzo: Review


*Spoiler Alert: This does contain spoilers.*

It has been a little while since I’ve watched a Korean drama, (I’ve been caught up in the world of wuxia lately), but this was one that I was waiting for. This drama marks the return of Song Joong Ki after his divorce, and hiatus. He plays Vincenzo Cassano, who was given up for adoption in Korea as a small boy, adopted by an Italian family, and raised in Italy. He is now a consigliere for the Cassano family mafia, and has returned to Korea to recover some gold bars that his Korean advisor, Jo Young Woon, (played by Choi Young Joon) had hidden beneath a building called Geumga Plaza, (which translated into English literally means “Gold Price” Plaza).

His mission was simple, get the gold, split it with his advisor, and go to Malta. The gold bars had belonged to a Chinese man, who hid his gold in Korea. He had a vault built underground, and a building built on top of that. Eventually this man passed away, leaving only Vincenzo and Young Woon as the only two people who knew about it.

The first wrench that was thrown into this plan, was the fact that Young Woon rented out the space above the gold vault to a Buddhist monk, who used the space as a temple. Thus begins the quest to figuring out exactly how to get the gold. There are several businesses in this building, and the business owners have a close bond with one another. They aren’t too keen when Vincenzo shows up as the owner of the building, and wants to sell it. The story develops as Vincenzo finds himself going up against some pretty brutal villains from a company called Babel, who want to destroy the current building, and build a tower there, (yes, it’s literally called Babel tower).

I really appreciated the dark humor, and action that was involved with this drama. It’s not too heavy on the romance side, so that’s a plus if you’re not into deep romance dramas. Vincenzo has great chemistry with just about everyone, including a pigeon that he names Inzaghi. There is also a lot of character development, as various secrets, twists, and turns occur, which I absolutely loved!

I only have two criticisms about this drama, one is that I did not really care much for the character played by the lead actress, (Jeon Yo Bin plays Hong Cha Young, a lawyer). To me, this drama could have been done without her character being a main lead. Her character was quite annoying and immature at times. Secondly, it would have also been nice to see the storyline utilize Kim Yoon Hye’s character a bit more. She plays a piano teacher who rents a space in the plaza to teach piano lessons. Later on we find out that she’s a hacking whiz who actually helped to design the gold vault. Overall, this was a great watch for me, and definitely branches off into something that is new for Korean dramas. You can check it out on Netflix if you’re interested.

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