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Yangsan, South Korea


Just north of Busan lies a city/suburb called Yangsan. The most southern part of Yangsan, was the last stop on the subway line that I lived on, and took about 25 minutes or so to get to. I didn’t get to explore Yangsan outside of it being the last subway stop, but I enjoyed what I discovered. The last few stations on line 2/green line are above ground, so there’s beautiful scenery. Outside of the Yangsan station there is a bridge that you can cross, which takes you to a beautiful park. It’s very lively during the warmer months, and nice and quiet during the colder months.

Curiosity is what lead me there. I wanted to know what the last stop was like, so I went. I eventually made it a point to visit the last stops of all of the subway lines in Busan, just because. Yangsan’s city motto is “Active Yangan”, and that is evident from the walking trail, and beautiful park.

The first time I visited was on a cold January afternoon, and then again that summer. It was a nice brief getaway, as I lived in a concrete jungle, and missed seeing nature. Like I’ve said earlier, I didn’t get to explore much of Yangsan, but I’d like to share some pics of the park that is outside of the subway station.

Here’s a short video I took right after I’d arrived:

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